Seanad Eireann: a typical banana republic institution

My respect for Senator David Norris has taken a serious dent in recent times as I listen to his pathetic defence of that useless institution Seanad Eireann.

On other matters like gay rights, nuclear disarmament or the environment Norris is articulate and passionate but when comes to reform of the most exclusive and elitist club in the country he invariably waffles on about reform in the same manner as the rest of the cabal of political vultures

Reform, like the Senate itself, is now nothing but a sick joke. There have been at least 12 reports over the years recommending reform and nothing has been done. Every time defenders of this useless institution mouth the word ‘reform’ they are insulting the intelligence of Irish citizens.

On his radio show yesterday (Monday) Pat Kenny asked Fine Gael Senator Liam Twomey why the Senate was only sitting for a day and a half this week. The Senator waffled but didn’t answer the question and Kenny didn’t insist on an answer.

I rang Seanad Eireann and after the usual run around from Billy to Jack was eventually informed that the 60 member Senate was closed because seven of its members were attending the British/Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Swansea.

It should also be kept in mind that the election for this particular Senate was illegally fixed in true banana republic style.

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