The tsunami is about to strike

Last October, in a piece about the deepening financial crisis, I wrote.

We’re in a moment just like that before a tsunami strikes. The sea is sucked out a great distance from the shore and people, in their ignorance and excitement, rush out to stare at beached fish flapping about. There’s absolutely no realisation of what’s just beyond the horizon.

That realisation is just now beginning to take hold on the general population as they look up in horror to see the gigantic wave about to engulf them, a wave that’s going to destroy all their hopes and dreams, a wave that’s going to send the Irish economy back to the dark, depressing days of the 1930s/1940s.

The fear can be gauged from reading Letters to the Editor, listening to radio talk shows and in particular from watching RTEs Frontline current affairs programme.

The Government, well aware of the looming disaster, was not idle during the past year.

The interests of bankers and property developers have been secured to the greatest degree possible to ensure they will survive the coming tsunami.

Judges, politicians, higher civil servants and other friends of the elite have all been allowed to decide for themselves what to contribute and what to keep in order to protect themselves and their families against the coming disaster.

EU bureaucrats are happy with the Government’s job of frightening Irish citizens into voting Yes thus keeping the European project on (their) track.

With all special interests secured the Government has turned its attention to ordinary citizens and, finally, told them the truth.

In the last week senior politicians, higher civil servants and representatives of the business elite have been wheeled out to warn citizens that they must be prepared to make major sacrifices in order to save the country.

The ruling elite are hoping that ordinary citizens will remain docile while willingly surrendering everything they have; they’re hoping that the sacrifices of the people will be enough to absorb the shock of what’s to come.

They’re hoping that when the tsunami has passed they can return from the safety of the government provided high ground and, after burying the dead, exploit the survivors. In other words, they’re hoping to return to the same corrupt system that’s responsible for the catastrophe.

I believe their hopes are in vain because ordinary citizens have virtually nothing left to give. The crisis is so massive, so overwhelming, that it cannot be avoided. Neither can it be resolved by the present cabal of corrupt and incompetent politicians.

Countless thousands are going to lose everything. The Government will not succeed in resolving the crisis; they simply do not have the experience, vision or intelligence to deal with such a massive crisis.

The country’s economy will end up administrated by the IMF and/EU bureaucrats, we will, effectively, lose our sovereignty. There will be no return to normality in the short or even the medium term. Ireland is looking down the dark tunnel of a prolonged and dangerous depression where it’s every man for himself.

The best Irish citizens can hope for is that the coming tsunami, as it destroys all their wealth and dreams, also sweeps away the entire rotten system and all those who support and defend it.

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