Senator O'Toole places the safest bet in the universe

According to independent Senator Joe O’Toole: (Today with Pat Kenny, Thursday).

The Seanad is an exclusive, undemocratic, unrepresentative and anachronistic chamber and it cannot continue in its current form.

So why is O’Toole still a member (for the last 20 years) of this undemocratic and unrepresentative body?

Senator O’Toole again:

I would resign from the Seanad tomorrow morning if I got a commitment that all the reforms of the Seanad report were implemented.

If that was done I would feel that my life’s work as a Senator has been delivered, I’m not doing it for myself.

I have to admit this is the cleverest strategy of all in defence of this useless institution.

O’Toole knows that not a single member of this discredited body, past or present, (including himself) is serious about reform.

So promising to give it all up on the likelihood that all the dishonest talk about reform will suddenly result in actual reform is the safest bet in the universe.

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