Nasty boys at AIB jump the gun

Oh dear, what an embarrassing position those nasty boys at AIB have created for our boys Brian and Brian.

Everything was going fine, the banks, bankers, developers, politicians and all the rest of the ruling elite had their wealth, power and positions insulated against the financial crisis.

The entire system, including much of the media, were well into a propaganda campaign designed to convince the peasants that it was all their fault and they must pay the price.

But those nasty AIB boys just couldn’t control their innate greed and have spoiled the party by jumping the gun too early. Now the wealthy ruling elite will have to wait a little longer while Brian and Brian revert once again to pretending that they’re working in the best interests of the peasantry.

A week or two should do it before a fudge can be cobbled together which will allow the AIB boys to get back to what they’re really good at – ripping off their customers.