The dreaded C word that must not be uttered

Matt Cooper, Pat Leahy, Michael Clifford and Kevin Rafter all featured on RTEs Saturday View (21 Nov) to discuss and analyse the content of their recently published books which all deal with recent events in the political and financial spheres.

Despite the fact that corruption, both political and financial, is the principal reason for the destruction of our country not one of these alleged current affairs experts managed to utter the dreaded C word.

They talked about the fall of the economy, the fall of the banks, the part played by the various political parties and politicians, they spoke at length about the chancer Bertie Ahern, they spoke of the tribunals and even mentioned the criminal Haughey but, incredibly, over nearly an hour of intense discussion on recent Irish history they managed to avoid discussing the very basis of all their respective publications – the endemic corruption that lies at the root of all our problems.

That surely is an achievement greater than actually writing a book.

2 thoughts on “The dreaded C word that must not be uttered”

  1. Our country’s collapse was inevitable once Fianna Fáil was almost completely taken over by chancers, crooks and gombeen men in the 1960s and 1970s.

    It has now happened twice in 40 years. It will happen again unless we reform our political and electoral systems, or unless people stop voting for FF.

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