Fuck you – Bertie

“Fuck you” said Green TD Paul Gogarty to Labour TD Emmet Stagg during a hot budget debate in the Dail.

The Irish Independent provides a full list of words that are prohibited in our (corrupt) parliament.

• Brat, acting the brat
• Buffoon, buffoonery
• Chancer
• Communist
• Corner boy
• Coward
• Fascist, fascist minister
• Gurrier
• Guttersnipe
• Hypocrite, bloody hypocrites, hypocrisy, etc
• Rat
• Scumbag
• Scurrilous, scurrilous speaker
• Yahoo

In a way this list makes sense because it reflects a reality that our incompetent and corrupt politicians would prefer to ignore. Take the chancer Bertie Ahern for example.

While the most severe budget in the history of the state was being debated he was traveling around Kerry promoting his rag of a book.

To ensure the comfort and safety of this hypocritical scumbag the screwed taxpayer is forced to provide him with a limousine, driver and two bodyguards.

One thought on “Fuck you – Bertie”

  1. At least Gombeen, Shleveen & Clown aren’t banned.

    They are the three words I identify most with the inhabitants of the Dail.

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