CRH – Immune from the law in Ireland?

I see Poland’s competition regulator has imposed a massive fine of €26 million on CRH for alleged price fixing and other anti-competitive behaviour (Irish Examiner).

In 1994 the European Commission ruled that CRH was part of an EU wide cartel involved in fixing prices and two years later UK authorities fined the company for similar activities.

Notice that all this law enforcement against CRH took place outside Ireland. The company is never subject to such indignity from so called Irish enforcement authorities.

For example, over 100,000 tons of waste was dumped illegally on a CRH site near Blessington Co Wicklow over a ten year period up to 2001.

The company denied all knowledge of the illegal dumping and, of course, they were believed. The DPP decided to take no action.

The most notorious case involving CRH was the revelation that Haughey’s criminal bagman, Des Traynor, operated the illegal Ansbacher bank from the head office of CRH for years.

This criminal bank, which the Central Bank and Financial Regulator knew about, funded the criminal Haughey for years along with several others from the Golden Circle.

When the mafia operation was revealed CRH denied any knowledge of what had gone on despite the fact that eight of its board members held Ansbacher accounts.

Needless to say, no action was ever taken against CRH or its board members – the very idea!

7 thoughts on “CRH – Immune from the law in Ireland?”

  1. CRH is involved with supplying cement for the construction of Israel’s obscene wall to cut off the Palestinians from their country.

  2. CRH are the controlling force in Ireland with tentacles in every lucrative business from toll roads to -ironically-waste disposal.
    They are “The Family” (The extended Roche family); if you like,the irish equivalent of “The Brotherhood” Discreet and consistently enriching their empire with the tax reliefs of their lackeys,Fianna Fail.
    Even in marriage they have combined with other rich and powerful Fianna Fail families ( P.V.Doyle/hotel magnate etc.).
    And of course as you all know the nerve centre of Ansbacher was located in their operation.

  3. CRH have been repeatedly done abroad for cartel practices, but never even been investigated here, despite the allegations made by Seamus Maye and others that the firm has been secretly owning and managing rival firms in Ireland for decades.

  4. It’s rumoured that Brian Lenihan has a serious health problem. I belive that some of Charlie Haughey’s family are to make a collection.

  5. Can anyone or corporate substantiate any of these allegations and if so why are the Irish Government or the EU not taking any actions. A case to the European Court should be plausible if proof is available. CRH are not above the law regardless of perception, deep pockets or alleged cabals.
    The Ministers for Enterprise and Justice will be keen to hear of wrong doing and an opportunity to fill Government coffers through fines and censure.

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