Warning: New RTE comedy show can seriously damage sense of humour

I made a serious mistake last night.

After watching Prime Time I failed to turn off the television or at least change channel with the result that I was subjected to RTEs latest ‘comedy’ show – That’s All We Have Time For.

Ok, ok I didn’t have to watch but as the show progressed I was overcome by a grotesque fascination similar to that experienced by people who are witness to a serious road accident.

The show is an exact copy of the very successful BBC comedy quiz show – Have I Got News For You – but without the comedy.

Ok, RTE has never been good at comedy but surely it’s better to fail with something original rather than fail dismally trying to copy one of the most consistently funny shows in television history?

Kevin Myers, Mario Rosenstock (who?) and guests resembled motorized mannequins mouthing prerecorded scripts based on the mutterings of a bunch of Fianna Fail backbenchers.

The embarrassment level was very high and the credibility of those involved is bound to take a severe hammering.

It’s at times like this that I really miss the genius of Dermot Morgan.

In fact, immediately after the traumatic experience I put on an episode of Fr. Ted to revive my seriously battered sense of humour.

One thought on “Warning: New RTE comedy show can seriously damage sense of humour”

  1. I made it to the end of the round where they had to make up headlines for stories before I had to switch over out of embarrasment. Kevin Myers looked like he was too good for this shit, Mario Rosenstock had the look of a man who was about to be revealed as largely talentless, and the host fella from Apres Match looked so nervous, I thought they had his family behind the camera with guns pointed at their heads. Well done, RTE, another monumental failure.

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