The rotting carcass of Anglo Irish Bank

The following quote is taken from a report in today’s Irish Independent.

Nevertheless, Anglo faces a tough task demonstrating that it can repay taxpayers’ money after five years, as necessitated by EU state aid rules.

If Ireland was the most efficient and best regulated country in the world with a political and business leadership of vision and courage solely focused on what was best for Ireland and its people the above plan would be a near impossibility.

As a backwater banana republic led by a mafia type body politic and a regulatory regime that facilitates widespread criminality the above plan is a complete and utter impossibility.

Over the next few years the remaining good assets of Anglo Irish Bank will be stripped clean by friends of the political system after which the rotting carcass will be left to stench up the nostrils of Irish taxpayers for generations to come.

2 thoughts on “The rotting carcass of Anglo Irish Bank”

  1. I have a small deposit account at Anglo. Would it be selfish to withdraw and close or patriotic to leave it or perhaps vice versa? Any advice?

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