Dermot Ahern: Ethically blind?

Here’s what Sunday Times journalist, Justine McCarthy had to say about Justice Minister Dermot Ahern’s behaviour during the vote of confidence in O’Dea last week (Primetime, 19th).

There are certainly questions for the Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern answer for his behaviour in the Dail.

The sight of him sitting beside Deputy O’Dea when he was making his statement on Wednesday, grinning from ear to ear and making pantomime noises across the chamber was literally disgusting.

This is the man who is in charge of the administration of justice in this country. He himself is a solicitor and therefore an officer of the courts. His conduct gave the impression that he believes that there is nothing wrong with recklessly slandering somebody, particularly in this case, an election candidate.

His behaviour gave the impression that he believes there is nothing wrong with swearing a false affidavit. I think Dermot Ahern should certainly be called to account for what he’s done.

I completely agree with Ms. McCarthy but I think a cowboy politician like Ahern would be genuinely puzzled by her comments.

After all, this man doesn’t believe that the criminal Haughey was corrupt and was one of the many Fianna Fail politicians who backed the chancer Bertie Ahern no matter how fantastic his ‘explanations’.