FF backwoodsman tells it like it is

Fianna Fail TD, Ned O’Keeffe in a recent interview on Newstalk.

I have been there before. I have to admit I missed the money, I didn’t miss the ministry, I missed the money. A minister is a very lucrative position to hold, a minister of state or in the cabinet, a good money job. (laughter).

I was a minister for four years and I didn’t miss the ministry but I miss the money, there’s great money in being a minister, big salaries…that’s why there’s such jealously and such a rat race for ministries.

It’s not about running the country; it’s about getting the bloody job, having a car and driver.

One thought on “FF backwoodsman tells it like it is”

  1. Isn’t he the geezer who wasn’t going push for new schools in areas that didn’t vote for him?

    Another quality statesman.

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