RTE saves minister from nasty union man

Sean (RTE presenter Sean O’Rourke) and Brian (Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan) engaged in a lovely, gentle conversation today on such matters as the economy, the progress of the trades union/government deal and connections between Quinn Insurance and Anglo Irish Bank.

I was very impressed with Sean’s patience as he listened attentively and quietly to Brian as he rambled on wistfully about consumer confidence, turning corners and learning lessons.

From time to time I did hear a number of squeaks in the background as Sean gently tried, without success, to interrupt Brian’s ramblings.

It was clear that Sean and Brian are best friends forever and that RTE is their favourite place in the whole wide world to meet and chat about all kinds of nice things.

The mood was spoiled however when Sean had to change into riot gear (government issued) including baton, shield and helmet to interview a nasty union man – Liam Doran general secretary of the Irish nurses and midwives organisation.

Initially O’Rourke allowed Doran have his say but as we learned later in the attack he, O’Rourke, was carefully timing this nasty union man.

You’ve gone on at some length actually and I allowed you to talk for about three minutes before I asked you a second question so if I could just come back in with another one.

Really, what has become of us when RTE, a government controlled broadcaster, allows a union man to argue his case for three whole minutes without interruption?

I was so worried that Brian was still in the studio and heard all that nasty stuff about fairness and accountability but Sean assured listeners that he had left the premises and so wouldn’t be talking to the nasty union man.

2 thoughts on “RTE saves minister from nasty union man”

  1. Nobody can be surprised at the establishment-loving RTE, bastion of official Ireland. It is one of the poorest public broadcasters in europe, bankrupt of ideas and depending on the UK for any ideas. Look at Winning Streak and try not to cringe. It has no credibility and never really has had any.

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