Anthony Cronin: Appalled at Ahern's tax exemption

Writer Anthony Cronin has urged the government to introduce new tax exemption guidelines for writers (RTE, 35.00).

Speaking at the annual assembly of Aosdana Cronin said he was appalled that former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was granted tax exemptions for his autobiography which Mr. Cronin described as a ghost written political book that was not literature.

It always amuses me to see people like Cronin get hot under the collar when low grade people like Ahern take advantage of the system for their own greedy ends.

Cronin was, and remains, a strong supporter of the criminal Haughey and, as we all know, the chancer Ahern served most of his political apprenticeship under the master of corruption.

What do people like Cronin expect from such associations – Leaders of integrity?