Mary Harney: Once a politican of courage and integrity

At a recent conference proposing a universal health system Minister for Health Mary Harney warned against creating false expectations (RTE, 31.00).

We live in an environment where we don’t have access to additional revenue in the medium term for health just as we haven’t for other areas of public policy either.

And therefore to make recommendations that weren’t based on neutral revenue perspectives would be recommendations that couldn’t be implemented.

During the boom years when there was plenty of money around Harney could easily have put in place a universal health system that was fair to all citizens.

Instead, she enthusiastically pursued a right wing, for profit policy that has firmly established a two tier health system where those with money gain immediate access to treatment while those without, like Suzie Long, are left to take their chances.

Listening to such dishonest waffle from this politician it’s difficult to believe that she was once a person of courage and integrity, that she was a leading influence in challenging the corrupt activities of the criminal Haughey.

One thought on “Mary Harney: Once a politican of courage and integrity”

  1. Medical assistance should be based on medical need. Not on the ability to pay. A two tiered system, only invites corruption.

    “Encouraging awareness, prevention & treatment of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in Ireland.”

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