Labour new Constitution proposal all at sea

Among many other pointless plans, the Labour Party has proposed setting up a convention to include experts and ordinary citizens to draw up a new Constitution fitted to modern times (RTE).

The party hopes it will be ready for the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in 2016.

None of the political parties seem to be aware of just how bad the situation is in this country. We are a failed state going down fast and no amount of pious or grand plans is going to alter the nightmare.

A complete clear out of the old corrupt political system is what’s required and none of the present cabal of parties is capable of even acknowledging this reality never actually make it happen.

The new constitution idea is akin to the crew of Titanic proposing a six year analysis of safety at sea guidelines as the ship begins to slip beneath the waves.

One thought on “Labour new Constitution proposal all at sea”

  1. A bit of realism please; an analogy with the Titanic gets us nowhere. Was there a solution to the Titanic problem once it had hit the iceberg? Perhaps more lives could have been saved by adjusting certain decisions which were made. It was going to sink anyway no matter what.
    But back to the present and the current situation. Yes, we have a failed system. Yes, most of our politicians are useless. But short of a Reichstag fire type revolution and the clear out of ALL current institutions and their re population (by WHO?), Gilmore’s proposal is at least a first step. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. The first step in moving a mountain is to move one stone.

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