Maire Geoghegan-Quinn: A flawed pedigree

When EU commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn was asked today on RTE if she would be willing to temporarily forgo her Dail and Ministerial pensions, and live on her EU salary, to save the state some money she replied:

Well that’s a question that I have refused to comment on up until now and I will continue to refuse to comment on it.

Geoghegan-Quinn was scheduled to give an interview on RTEs News at One but shortly after being questioned about her pensions she cancelled the interview without any explanation.

Geoghegan-Quinn has long been a loyal member of Fianna Fail, the most corrupt political party in Ireland. She is also a very strong supporter of Charles Haughey, the criminal politician who lied and cheated his way through a long career.

Her arrogance and dismissive attitude towards the Irish people is entirely in keeping with her flawed pedigree.

3 thoughts on “Maire Geoghegan-Quinn: A flawed pedigree”

  1. Eamon o cuiv has called for her to forego it. He inherited a farm once from a constituent and refused it. As i mentioned before, hes one of the only honest guys in there.

  2. There’s not much rationality in the discussion of this issue.

    The only reason the FF ministers spoke out was to deflect attention from their own situations. If anything, MGQ’s case is stronger than that of any ex-minister drawing a TD’s salary, since MGQ is not being paid a salary from the exchequer. It all looks like the Joe Duffy populism.

    In my opinion, the real question is why any ex-minister should receive a pension while serving as a TD.

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