Brian Lenihan: A liar

Labour TD Roisin Shortall provided a concise explanation of the Richie Boucher scandal on RTE (4th report) yesterday.

When Mr. Boucher was appointed to the job of chief executive officer of Bank of Ireland, amazingly, Brian Lenihan breached his own guidelines because he approved a pay package that was €123,000 in excess of the limit he had set.

In relation to the pension arrangements he agreed a staggering figure that Mr. Boucher could retire within five years at the age of 55 on a pension of €370,000.

This week the minister denied any knowledge of this but the reality is he approved the package.

So let’s bury the myth that has taken legs in recent times, especially among more gullible journalists, that Brian Lenihan is the Messiah come to rescue his country from disaster.

Lenihan, just like his father before him, is a liar. In common with all Fianna Fail TDs his loyalty is first and foremost to himself, his party and his party leader. Loyalty to his country is way down his list of priorities.