Minister for Justice accepts that his government is corrupt and treasonous

Speaking on Prime Time (1st report, 2nd item) during the week, Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern was absolutely clear about the seriousness of the challenge posed to the Government and the State by Michael Boyce at the Garda Representative Association annual conference when he accused Minister Ahern and his government of national sabotage and more (See previous post).

If this was to happen in the army it would be regarded as mutiny, that’s the reality in relation to this.

They’re the enforcers of the law that the Oireachtas passes and they cannot delve into politics because they are crossing the line.

So what are you going to do about it?

asked Miriam O’Callaghan

I’m not going to do anything because this man is outgoing.

So there you have it. The national police force accuses the Minister and his government of national sabotage, corruption and facilitating widespread criminal activity and the Minister for Justice, the man allegedly in charge, is going to do nothing on the grounds that the routine handing over of the presidency of the GRA from one Garda to another is taking place.

This is just a pathetic excuse for doing nothing by a cowardly and incompetent Minister. Apparently, the Minister’s logic is that the outgoing president, Mr. Boyce, is being replaced by a more reasonable and loyal Garda.

Since then, however, the incoming president of the GRA, Mr. Damien McCarthy, has gone on the record as saying he agrees that the Government, Fianna Fáil and the Minister for Justice have been corrupted by years of power and he supports the (treasonous) comments of his predecessor 100% and without reservation.

The situation is now crystal clear.

The national police force is in rebellion against the State and the Government. This, in my opinion, is a legitimate stance to take against a government that has betrayed its people and the rebellion is further legitimised by the (corrupt) government’s acceptance of the situation.

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