Catholic god throws a tantrum – thousands die

Last week, writing about RTEs obsession with all things Northern Ireland, I jokingly suggested that perhaps the end days were close to hand because of recent catastrophes like the Haiti earthquake, the Icelandic volcano eruption and the possibility that there could be a split in the Unionist vote in Fermanagh/south Tyrone.

But there are those who believe that there’s a more serious message in recent events.

Pat O’Leary, columnist in the Irish Catholic, warns that recent events could be the work of (her) god warning humans that their quality of homage was not up to scratch.

Where is it all going to end we wonder?

In a world and in a Europe today that tries to ignore the existence of God, it is not beyond the bonds of possibility that we are being reminded that we need to recognize and pay due homage to our Creator.

And there I was thinking that the deaths of more than 230,000 people in Haiti was an horrendous tragedy brought about by natural forces when in fact it was actually the work of a god throwing a tantrum because his due homage wasn’t up to scratch.