Fianna Fail fools emerge from the bog

Our bumbling, dishonest and undemocratic Taoiseach was all over the airwaves in the last few days. Last Friday he was interviewed on RTE (1st report) and was asked should he have met more regularly with the Financial Regulator.

Absolutely not, there was a bill brought in 2003 which changed the arrangement between the Central Bank and established the Financial Regulator.

That arose after the National Irish Bank problem. The PAC and others met, Jim Mitchell did a very good job chairing a committee that looked at that.

Jim Mitchell died in 2002, our fool Taoiseach is getting the NIB scandal mixed up with the DIRT scandal.

The following exchange occurred when Cowen was asked about his refusal to hold the by-elections.

What’s your answer to those who say you’re running from the people by refusing to hold the by-elections?
The by-elections will be held in due course whenever the Dail decides to vote for it.
C’mon Taoiseach, that’s a non answer.
It’s not a non answer; I am not making the decision here in RTE studios.
I’m not asking you to do that.
You are asking me.
Will they be held this year?
I’m not giving you that answer.
When will you give it to the Dail?
Whenever we decide there will be…don’t worry about it. We will make sure that there’s by-elections held in due course but there’s no decision by government in that respect.

I’m not giving you that answer. That’s how this arrogant idiot dismisses the right of the Irish people to elect representatives. In my opinion this man and his government have no legitimate right to govern.

Martin Mansergh, another Fianna Fail fool, was asked about the by-elections on the Marian Finucane Show (Sunday) and said that the Government had allowed a by-election in Dublin South and within months the winner, George Lee, had resigned.

This idiot is making the suggesting that he and his government were not pleased with Lee’s behaviour or with the citizens who voted him into office and therefore everybody had to be taught a lesson.

But the biggest Fianna Fail fool to crawl out of the bog last week was Senator Terry Leyden who, under Oireachtas privilege, accused Irish Times columnist, Fintan O’Toole, of inciting a riot outside the Dail last Tuesday.

I strongly recommend that people listen to the exchange between Leyden and O’Toole on last Friday’s Liveline. It’s an excellent example of how a passionately angry but articulate citizen like O’Toole can force an ignorant Fianna Fail creep like Leyden into a humiliating climb down.

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  1. Yes indeed. I heard that exchange between O’Toole and Leyden and relished every bit of it. I also hought that that Seán O’rourke was less that defferent to An Taoiseach – not hat I’m upset by that. Far from it. I hope it pressages a more robust quizing of politicians

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