Gavin Hewitt – A Fianna Fail ‘corner man’?

Although Gavin Hewitt is an experienced news reporter it’s clear his knowledge of Ireland is somewhat lacking.

Reporting on the protest strikes in Spain he was asked why there were no such protests in Ireland.

I think in Ireland they realised that the Celtic Tiger was no more. I think they embraced the idea that they had to make quick cuts there in the hope they would be on the road to recovery before other countries.

What’s really affecting these countries (Spain, Greece and Italy) is the understanding that there may be several years ahead of big cuts.

I think there’s an understanding in some of these countries that they are in the midst of what could be a cultural revolution; that their way of life as they understand it is going to be changed.

So, Ireland’s crisis is over. All necessary cuts are made and, unlike other countries, we will not have to endure many years of hardship?

Is this reporter a Fianna Fail ‘corner’ man?

It’s likely the countries in question will indeed go through a cultural revolution and be the better for it. Sadly, there’s no sign of any revolution in Ireland – yet.