Reynolds: In great evidence giving form?

It’s been two years now since Alert Reynolds was excused from giving evidence at the Mahon Tribunal because he suffers from a significant cognitive impairment which can cause memory loss and difficulty with speech.

Since then he’s been out and about living life to the full with not a sign of that nasty impairment.

The five medical ‘experts’ who made the diagnosis must be astonished by Albert’s miraculous ability to speak and act just like everybody else despite his condition.

Tribunal chairman, Alan Mahon, said at the time that the tribunal reserves the right to review this decision in the event that it receives information which might suggest a change or an improvement in Mr. Reynolds’ medical condition.

Perhaps the judge should have a look at Albert’s latest social outing in Tipperary (RTE, 3rd report).

He looks in great evidence giving form to me.

2 thoughts on “Reynolds: In great evidence giving form?”

  1. He released his memoirs there about a year ago. I couldnt for the life of me understand why not a single journalist or broadcaster didnt pick up on this. Just another in a littany of 2 fingered salutes to the taxpayer.

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