RTE: Still great pals with the politicians

I just caught the end of The Week in Politics last night.

RTE Journalist, Sean O’Rourke, was light-heartedly asking the Tanaiste, Mary Coughlin, when the bye elections were going to be held.

Ms. Incompetent was quite firm. There was no need to hold bye elections as the people had adequate representation as things stood.

In other words, this arrogant politician, and her cabal of a party, would decide what level of representation the Irish people were going to get.

In any self-respecting democracy a journalist would have torn strips off her, would have demanded to know who the hell she thought she was reducing the democratic rights of the people.

Unfortunately, because RTE is a captured organisation, we are likely to see a continuation of this old pal attitude to politicians instead of the focused, no nonsense questioning common in other jurisdictions.

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