Aggressive secularists to join Homosexuals in Hell?

When Fianna Fail Senator Jim Walsh was asked how he was going to vote on the upcoming Civil Partnership Bill he went all coy (Frontline).

I haven’t finally declared yet, he said, there are a number of matters I must first consider before making up my mind, he said.

All in all he sounded very reasonable until he (mistakenly) heard retired Supreme Court judge Catherine McGuinness (who was in the audience) laughing at his contribution.

It was then we witnessed the real Senator Walsh.

This is what we’re being faced with from aggressive secularists… if we want a totalitarian state then we go down this route but we go blindly and I’ll tell you, we’ll live to regret it.

Later, he moved from hysterical to patronising:

If you have a republican philosophy and try to be a good Christian I think you have to recognize that people in same sex relationships do have issues that need to be addressed.

He had nothing to say about his god’s policy of condemning (active) homosexuals to the everlasting fires of Hell.

I suspect, however, that the Senator is in full agreement with the policy and indeed would be happy to see aggressive secularists thrown in as well.