Putrid bog of corruption still in place

I see the editor of the Irish Times shares my suspicions regarding political interference in NAMA.

When Minister for Tourism Mary Hanafin talks about meeting the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) to discuss the management and disposal of hotels that have been acquired by way of bad bank loans, alarms should blare.

Any political interference in the management of these assets by Nama will destroy public confidence in the agency and fuel suspicion that political cronyism is at work.

Editorials like this will become very common over the coming decades as political cronyism eats away at the fleshier elements of NAMAs treasury.

There will be a long line of politicians, from every party, carrying out smash and grab raids on NAMA to enrich themselves and their friends.

This will happen because, despite the destruction of our country by a corrupt body politic, that corrupt system is still fully in place.

Corruption, financial and political, is the putrid bog on which our country operates and nothing substantial will change until those who support and benefit from it are removed from office.

2 thoughts on “Putrid bog of corruption still in place”

  1. As an outsider from Scotland who lives in Ireland I have watched the way Ireland operates for the past 10 years and the smell of corruption is everywhere. I don’t believe anything I hear in this country and I find it hard to know who to trust. The media and the politicians cannot be taken seriously and the Irish people are a politically illiterate herd who are dominated by the professional classes. Nothing will ever change in this country because the people have lost the will to fight and have sold out to the right wing agenda of wonderbra economics. The people were conned hook, line and sinker and now they have too much to lose by rocking the boat. They have prisoners to debt and their future is being dictated by a bunch of fly boys and sleaze balls, some of whom should be locked up in jail for treason. The fighting Irish my arse.

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