Turkeys voting for Christmas

20% of Irish business owners have said they would vote for Fianna Fail if there was an election tomorrow (Sunday Independent).

Isn’t it incredible that there’s still 20% of people involved in business willing to vote for the party that destroyed the economy?

2 thoughts on “Turkeys voting for Christmas”

  1. It does make you wonder.
    The main worry though is the idiotic concept that people thing FG’s new era proposals for political reform will achieve anything.

    FG’s reform proposals are pointless as it will be politicians who will be drawing up the new system. The established parties do not want the system to change and we do!

    What we need to do is move away from the idea that a TD represents a local constituancy, thats local governments job – supposedly.

    We need to elect people to represent our point of view rather than our area.

    In every reform that we have had FF and FG have been determined that power should remain in the hands of the political caste.

    They still are determined to develop a system that allows them to hold on to power, because it is their job – and in Ireland in particular with our dynastic political system, its also their families future.

    What we the people want is for our views to be represented in our Dail, but the system is squewed against that because the vast majority of TD’s are going to be lobby fodder.

  2. I agree with you completely Simon. That’s why I’m absolutely convinced that nothing short of a revolution is required to uproot the whole rotten system so that we can start all over again

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