Callely: just part of an infamous tradition

The moronic excuses put forward by Senator Callely may seem unbelievable to most normal people but it should be remembered that he’s a member of the most corrupt political party in the country, a party which is populated by the most arrogant, greedy, unethical and traitorous people in the land.

Why should anybody be surprised by his arrogant and brazen excuses when former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, after failing to convince with several fairy tales to explain the source of certain payments, finally two fingered the people, the law and the country with his ‘I won it on the horses’ excuse.

The infamous Flynn dynasty featured on Scannal last night where we were reminded that Irish politicians and in particular Fianna Fail politicians are supremely confident (with justification) that no matter what wrong they commit they will never be brought to account.

Despite being found by the High Court and Supreme Court of encouraging tax evasion Beverly Flynn continued to deny her guilt.

Padraig Flynn and his wife Doherty gave the following testimony under oath to the tribunal regarding the £50,000 received from property developer Tom Gilmartin some of which ended up in a bogus offshore account in London.

How did you and your wife come to hold this account in London?

P. Flynn: I cannot assist the Tribunal.

Did you ever reside at the address mentioned on the account?

P. Flynn: No.

Doherty Flynn

Did you provide that account?

D. Flynn: No.

How did that address come to be attributed to you and Padraig Flynn?

D. Flynn: I have no idea.

Was the address on the form when you filled it in?

D. Flynn: I did not fill that form.

Was the address on the form when you signed it?

D. Flynn: I have never seen that document.

Was it on the form when you signed it?

D. Flynn: I don’t know, I have no recollection of that.

Padraig and Doherty Flynn are now living in happy and wealthy retirement. Their daughter Beverly is back in Fianna Fail and will properly end up as a government minister or even Taoiseach.

Bertie Ahern is making a fortune out of his Dail salaries and expenses despite the fact that he rarely actually turns up for work.

Why should Callely not follow their brazen example when it is obviously the most rewarding route?