When will someone go to prison?

FitzPatrick still living high life

Every week our Government steals €210m from us and gives it to Sean FitzPatrick’s ruined bank, so that he and the rest of his ilk can carry on living the high life.

The NAMA scam was set up to assist them — those who passed on good tips to Bertie and co in the Galway tent of corruption.

Who shared in the millions of euro for the so-called advice that Cowen and Lenihan sought to pull this con on the people?

Why are the debt collectors not sent after the people who owe the money? Why is FitzPatrick still living in the lap of luxury?

When will someone go to prison?

James Rogers
Rosslare, Co Wexford

Irish Independent
Monday September 06 2010

One thought on “When will someone go to prison?”

  1. Come on now. Have a heart. The poor man only has 188 a month to live off of. I think we should have a whip around for him.

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