What Mr. Gibson does not know…

Neil Gibson of Oxford Economics was interviewed over the weekend about the Irish situation.

Here’s some of what he had to say:

People have accepted that they had a very good ten years enjoying the boom and have been willing to dip into their pockets to repay. I think that’s a fantastic achievement for the Irish economy and its people but we are approaching a tipping point where that may no longer be achievable.

Here’s what Gibson does not know:

He doesn’t know that the financial and social catastrophe which is enveloping Ireland began 31 years ago when the criminal politician Haughey came to power.

He doesn’t know that the corrupt political system spawned by the criminal Haughey is responsible for the disaster and that the Irish people, far from willingly dipping into their pockets to repay, are being forcibly fleeced of all they own in order to bail out the gangsters who are the chief supporters of the corrupt political system.

He doesn’t know that the tipping point he rightly claims is approaching will finally, finally, finally force the Irish people to get off their knees and destroy the corrupt political system that has brought total ruin upon the nation.

I don’t know that either – but I’m hopeful.