RTE blackouts: What's going on?

Without warning, RTE Radio 1 went off the air this morning for about an hour or so. When the station returned an apology was broadcast to listeners in the South saying that the interruption was necessary for essential maintenance.

Later, the station again went off the air and is still off as I write (1610hrs).

Such interruptions for maintenance are, of course, unavoidable if equipment is to be properly maintained, but, I’m puzzled.

Years ago, such interruptions were well flagged, sometimes days in advance, and the maintenance period was invariably timed for low peak listening hours, usually in the middle of the night.

Such maintenance interruptions were also rare, occurring only a few times per year.

In recent times interruptions are frequent, prolonged and occur without notice.

Indeed, RTE Radio 1 has become so unreliable that I’ve now adopted the habit of switching on online in anticipation of unannounced blackouts.

What’s going on?

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