Questions for Mr. Varadkar

I agree with Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar that bankers have done more damage to the economy than the IRA and that they should be arrested and prosecuted.

We here at Public Inquiry have been hammering on about this matter for years now.

I do, however, have have a number of questions for Mr. Varadkar.

Why is it only now he’s calling for action against the vermin that have infested the financial sector for decades?

Is he not aware that financial institutions have always had carte blanche to rob and plunder the accounts of customers, even under Fine Gael governments?

Is he aware that as he made his passionate call for the arrest and prosecution of bankers that financial institutions still enjoy complete freedom to rob and plunder as they please?

Is he aware that the actions/non actions of the so called Financial Regulator coupled with Soviet style secrecy laws frequently has the effect of protecting the vermin?

Is he aware that all the protections enjoyed by the thieving vermin were put in place by politicians who are all fully signed up members of a corrupt political system?

Does he understand that the thieving vermin could not have robbed a single citizen or brought down the state unless they enjoyed full political permission to rob and plunder as they pleased?

Does he understand that Lenihan’s response to his call for the arrest and prosecution of bankers (files to the DPP bullshit) is just the usual delaying tactic employed by all governments until the matter is forgotten about?

Does he understand that it is the corrupt political system that lies at the heart of the disaster that has befallen our country?

Does he understand that in addition to bankers there is an urgent need to arrest and prosecute several politicians?

Is he not aware that the corrupt political system that has brought catastrophe upon the Irish people needs to be torn down and consigned to historical infamy?

No, I doubt if Mr. Varadkar is aware of or understands any of the above and that is the pity for this and many generations of Irish people to come.

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Leo Varadkar

3 thoughts on “Questions for Mr. Varadkar”

  1. I.d be in favor of bringing back capital punishment, just for the banksters and politicians that have enabled them.

  2. All the FG groupies seem to think of Leo V as being an Irish Obama, young, dynamic, good looking and eloquent etc.
    However, after the heave it is obvious the chances are that he will be sent to the back benches by Enda and the old guard who came to his rescue.
    Despite his media presence, he will not be the next Taoseach.

    FG on the other hand seem to have taken on board and then watered down the ideas proposed by Amhran Nua, especially in the area of electorial reform, but because of the dynastic element in Irish politics I doubt very much that they will provide any real, needed change.

    The other thing about Leo is that like Paul Gogarty (although there is no way that LV could ever be accused of the levels of idiocy and hypocracy of GooGoo) its a bit late to start squealing now!!

  3. Leo tells us all what we already know. We neeed people with innovative ideas and principles. Vradakar says kenny isn’t up to running FG and when kenny wins he’s back on the front bench, what a “HYPOCRITE” and him being a politician…

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