Bruton: Every penny must be repaid – on time

Here’s what former Taoiseach had to say about the current financial crisis (Six One News, 3rd Nov.).

Given that we fought a war of independence to get the sovereign right to borrow…we have a responsibility to repay every penny we owe, on time.

To my knowledge Bruton is in receipt of three state pensions – TD, Minister and Taoiseach.

He, his family and friends, at enormous expense to the taxpayer, enjoy the convenience of a state Mercedes complete with two drivers for the rest of his life.

Since 2001 he has drawn down €241,978 under the Secretarial Assistants Scheme which was introduced to assist former Taoisigh in tidying up loose ends after leaving office. This is in addition to the staff they are already assigned for ‘ordinary’ work.

To my knowledge Bruton owns a large and prosperous farm in Co Meath which, I’m sure, attracts very generous national and EU payments and subsidies.

All in all, John Bruton is a very rich man.

We can be sure, given the greed and arrogance of our political class, that he will work very hard to minimise his contribution to rescuing Ireland from the disaster that he and his fellow politicians created in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Bruton: Every penny must be repaid – on time”

  1. Paradox: payment of debt is only obligatory on those least able to pay; the rich have resources enough to live on perpetual credit!

  2. “Fought a war to get the sovereign right to borrow….” Thats priceless. Although not surprising coming from Bruton. Hes another one who has been creaming it at our and at the EUs expense for years. Its strange as his brother is relatively clued in and makes sense….

  3. Brutal Bruton is just another bilderberg message boy ; Bruton for President anyone ??? anyone ??????????? , thats what i thought.

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