The eccentric Mr. Honohan

As time goes on and Ireland sinks deeper and deeper into the pit of penury the Governor of the Central Bank, Patrick Honohan, becomes ever more eccentric in his comments.

Yesterday he accused the international markets of over reacting, of exaggerating the cost of Ireland’s borrowing.

He believes the Government has got it exactly right in relation to the proposed budget cuts.

In other words, the entire world is wrong and Brian and Brian are right.

Here’s an extract from a recent RTE interview given by Mr. Honohan where he was asked about the billions of taxpayers money that will never be recovered.

RTE Journalist: The worst case scenario, taking Anglo and Nationwide, is €40 billion?

Honohan: Yes.

RTE: Gone?

Honohan: Gone

RTE: In terms of being a mortgage at 5% over 20 years, that’s about 2.4 billion per year?

Honohan: It’s colossal, it’s colossal.

RTE: And, you say, manageable?

Honohan: Manageable, I didn’t say it was painless. It’s very painful to pay for this but suppose it was ten times that then it would not be manageable and we couldn’t get out of it without external help.

Using similar logic here’s how I imagine Hitler would discuss his trial tactics with his defence lawyer.

Hitler: Ok, suppose I admit to murdering six million Jews and then plead that it could have been ten times that.

Surely the judge will see that the crime is not so bad after all and agree to drop the whole silly matter.

Lawyer: Mein Gott Herr Furher, what a cunning plan. It’s sure to fool them.