FG TD Simon Coveney – A langer

Our country has been destroyed by our deeply corrupt political system.

Millions of Irish citizens have had their lives ruined by these incompetent, arrogant and corrupt scumbags.

Generations of Irish citizens will have to pay for the corrupt practices of our greedy and unaccountable politicians and Ireland as a country has been disgraced and exposed on the world stage as nothing more than a second rate banana republic.

Nothing will change until that corrupt political system is completely and utterly destroyed and replaced by a real democratic system.

To achieve that Ireland will need leaders of intelligence, courage, and vision.

Is FG TD, Simon Coveney such a leader, will he lead the Irish people in the revolution that’s so urgently required. Will he dismantle the corrupt political system that has betrayed the Irish people?

To quote James Gogarty, a man who did indeed do the state some service:

Will he fuck?

Speaking at the Young Fine Gael national conference Coveney gave us a hint of his ‘revolutionary vision’.

If I become a minister, I will not accept a state car. I’m telling you that now. You can quote me on it.

As they say in Cork – Langer.

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  1. We really need to be on the streets with voilent protests, burning the banks so they don’t need bailouts. burning the dail would give us a chance to get back on track.

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