Daly and the 'deluded' banks

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I’ve just read a news report that the chairman of NAMA, Frank Daly, believes the banks have put their delusions behind them.

Daly spent more than 40 years with the Revenue Commissioners and was chairman from 2002 to his retirement in 2008.

In other words he was a key figure for much of his life in an organisation that failed to act against the widespread criminality within the Irish banking system.

He was part of a culture that allowed banks to rob and plunder as they pleased without any fear of punishment whatsoever, part of a culture that ultimately destroyed our country and he thinks it’s the banks that are deluded?

The brutal reality is that the banks are not, and never were, suffering from delusions.

They were, and still are, well aware that they are operating within a hopelessly corrupt state which provides them with watertight protection against criminal charges.

This fact is obvious when we consider that, despite decades of widespread criminality, not a single official or institution has ever been charged, never mind actually end up to jail.

On every occasion when financial criminality is exposed by whistle blowers or the media, never by so called regulators, we get the same old false tough talk from so called state authorities that Daly was spouting today.

All debtors will be pursued.

Debtors who do not meet repayment plans will face foreclosure.

Debtors will have to provide a list of assets and spouse’s assets.

Debtors salaries will be severely cut.

My response to this bullshit?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………………………