Decks need to be cleared immediately

The rats are abandoning the sinking ship. The decision by the Green Party to cut and run has panicked the gombeen men Jackie Healy-Rae and Michael Lowry.

This will probably mean an election before Christmas and that, in my opinion, is what should happen.

For this government to carry on pretending that there actually is a government just to pass the budget is not tenable.

The decks need to be cleared immediately.

4 thoughts on “Decks need to be cleared immediately”

  1. As the state that we all lovingly referred to as the ‘Irish Republic’ has now disappeared I think we should thank et al for the warnings which were obviously ignored ! There is no doubt that there will in the following days be obfuscation on a grand scale but there is no doubt that the “common man” has got it right where as the corrupt bastards have sold Ireland.

  2. I really don’t see the point in a PR exercise election to replace the current gombben traitors with another crowd of gombeen wannabe traitors (i.e. FG and Labour). Both Labour and FG have pretty much confirmed that they will imoplement the budget as it stands anyway.

    Where are we, the people, in all this?

    The benefit of postponing elections is that it might finally radicalise enough of the apathetic populace to take to the streets and FORCE the corrupt cabal in governemnt buildings out of office.

    We need to do what should have been post 1916: construct a true democratic Republic based on principles of justice, fairness and independence.

    It’s about time we woke up as a nation and started truly managing ourn own affairs and dealing with the sorry state of both our society and governemt structures.

    We are constantly looking for someone else to fix our problems. We need a campaign of mass civil disobedience involving all sectors of society (public, private, unemployed, students, OAPs , etc.) and break out of the divide and rule mindeset that has been successfully inculcated by our political “elites” and national media.

    Why are people so willing to condemn themselves and their children to a liftetime of debt slavery and/or emigration?

    Take to the streets and force the gobshites out of office. We need to flex our collective muscles and bring our anger to thsoe who have destroyed our country.

    A national protest is being organised by ICTU this Saturday the 27th of November. This could be the vehicle to bring people onto the streets. Forget about your personal feelings towards the traitorous union bosses like Begg.

    It’s time to forget our differences and concentrate on our common concerns: the traitors who govern us, our overpriced, unaffordable homes, the dismantling our our already insufficient public services.

    Stop the moaing and complaining. If we want to find a way out of this mess we need to get up off our collective asses and take power into our own hands.

    We don’t need overpaid gombeen politicians of any hue: Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Fein: how many of their representatives truly represnet the interests of the avergae Irish taxpayer?

    Remember: 12pm, Saturday the 27th of November @ Wood Quay, Dublin

  3. Jason a more succinct and right reflection on what has and should happen I have yet to read….. Good on ya.

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