Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Political ignorance is one of the principal factors that enables our corrupt political system to survive.

Here’s a good example of such ignorance although the writer deserves credit for his honesty.

I’m sickened by Fianna Fail’s lies

I have been a Fianna Fail supporter for many years and all I can say today is that I’m sick to the stomach of all the lies they have told over the past few weeks.

All the deceit and cover-ups that they have engaged in makes me feel miserable. How could I have been so silly to believe their lies?
Have I been living in cloud cuckoo land or did I bury my head in the sand and just keep hoping for a turnaround?

How Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan could face the cameras this weekend surprises and galls me. How they continue to have the neck to talk to the country is beyond me.

They and Fianna Fail have sold us down the river alright; it’s the lies and deceit that get to me. What happened to the beauty of truth? They are lying so long now they would not know the difference.

Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

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