Ireland's nod and wink culture and pension losses

Recent comments by David McWilliams on pension losses.

This has all to do with, I wouldn’t say corruption, it’s to do with the extraordinary nod and wink culture in Ireland.

So much of Irish pensions were put into Irish banks by people who were paid by the Irish banks to put the pensions into the Irish banks.

Clients were told the pensions were safe by people who were being paid by the banks to say they were safe.

Yes, it’s called nod and wink in Ireland. Other jurisdictions call it by its name.

2 thoughts on “Ireland's nod and wink culture and pension losses”

  1. Anthony, this is correct. My contributory-full Widow’s Pension was also reduced by 8.30 euros from first week of January 2010. I stress contributory. From first payment in 2002, no pension book was ever issued to me; Dept just requested bank account details.

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