Liar Lenihan reduces himself to scumbag status

Speaking on The Last Word (Wed. Nov. 24th), markets analyst, Paul Somerville said that Brian Lenihan should be nominated for an Oscar.

Lenihan, he said, while always sounding plausible is also always wrong.

I would be a little more direct – Lenihan is a plausible liar and his lies are invariably at the expense of the Irish people.

On the same programme, presented by Matt Cooper, Lenihan demonstrated that he’s just as ruthless as the scumbag Bertie Ahern when it comes to shifting blame and abdicating responsibility.

On the (damaging) delay in establishing NAMA.

I stayed up all night in Dail Eireann until six and seven in the morning listening to nonsensical arguments about NAMA…

The political system didn’t seem to agree at the time that it should be enacted as quickly as possible, the political system decided we should have a huge ideological argument about a particular approach to banking.

The suggestion here is that the Government should not have been subjected to any questions whatsoever regarding the establishment of NAMA. In other words, democracy should have been suspended while draconian legislation was being introduced.

On the very bad decisions made by government.

Keep screaming and making value judgements and don’t listen to answers.

On asking outside advisors to make a contribution.

David McWilliams?

He’s an interesting commentator but not very constructive.

Morgan Kelly?

He did call the fire correctly on a previous occasion but you don’t always call the fire correctly.

Moore McDowell?

I’d be delighted to see Moore McDowell tomorrow in the Dept. If he wants to give me a view on it, he’s more than welcome. I have huge respect for Moore McDowell.

The dismissal of McWilliams and Kelly is predictable, they don’t toe the party/government line, but McDowell should be asking himself some serious questions at such an endorsement by an incompetent politician.

On the suggestion that those at the top should show leadership by making a little more sacrifice in the national interest.

Matters of that type are not in the national plan because they don’t affect expenditure or receipts.

They do fill airwaves but they don’t save any money I can tell you or very marginal amounts of money and that’s why they’re not dealt with in the plan because the plan focuses on what will sort out our problems.

Reducing the minimum wage, cutting social welfare to the bone, etc, etc, will, apparently, sort out our problems.

On the question that Cowen is paid more than Barack Obama.

He doesn’t have the facilities of the White House.

This is the same answer that Bertie Ahern gave as justification for a proposed massive salary increase.

This arrogant/insulting reply reduces Lenihan to the same scumbag status as the former Taoiseach.

Lenihan should have been nailed to the wall after giving such a dismissive reply. He should have been forcibly challenged to explain and justify his answer.

Regrettably, Irish journalists have yet to evolve a killer instinct when it comes to challenging so called people of authority who have destroyed our country.