Hanafin: Bizarre and dishonest – just right for FF leadership

On the heave against Cowen.

I have always said that I would not be part of a heave against a leader of Fianna Fail.

Just days ago she took part in a heave against a leader of Fianna Fail when she voted against Brian Cowen.

On how her stance against Cowen might affect her leadership

It was either a win; win or lose, lose (situation).

Mmm…I wonder would that be similar to a lose/win or win/lose situation?

On Cowen’s resignation as leader of Fianna Fail but staying on as Taoiseach.

This weekend we now see that there is actually a difference between being leader of Fianna Fail and being Taoiseach so I think that position has been vindicated.

So Hanafin thinks her bizarre and dishonest logic is vindicated because of the crazy actions of a moronic/incompetent/power hungry Taoiseach even though Irish citizens are deeply ashamed at what the rest of the world is describing as a circus.

On how the public see her (bizarre and dishonest) distinction last week between being Taoiseach and leader of Fianna Fail

But this is not about last week, this is about next week and it’s not even about next week, it’s about Fianna Fail and the next election, it’s about Fianna Fail and the future.

Comment from a supporter of Hanafin for leadership of Fianna Fail.

She has a strong portfolio behind her and indeed in front of her.