Drug dealer's excuses judged to be unbelievable

Drug dealer and crime boss John Gilligan was branded a loser and a liar in court recentl (Irish Independent).

Judge Kevin Feeney said evidence given by Gilligan that he won some of his money on the horses was implausible, incredible and far fetched. The judge rejected his excuses out of hand.

Bertie Ahern also gave evidence, under oath, that he won some of his unexplained money on the horses. To date, his excuse remains unquestioned.

Gilligan’s claim that he received a Stg4m loan from a Joseph Saouma was also rejected as there was no documentary evidence for the loan.

The criminal Haughey received a number of similar ‘loans’ from various businessmen for which there was no documentary evidence.

The State never saw the need to give these transactions any serious consideration.

The judge said sworn affidavits submitted by Gilligan were not just inconsistent, they were irreconcilable.

The DPP recently decided that Fianna Fail TD, Willie O’Dea had no case to answer for making a false statement in a sworn affidavit.