Living in a parallel universe

Some quotes from The Late Debate (Wed. 26th Jan).

Journalist and historian Tim Pat Coogan.

Michael Martin is an honourable man, he’s courageous, and he has a straight forward mind.

Coogan then went on to express anger at the complete lack of accountability within the political class for the mess they and the banks had made of the country.

Like the 30% of people who believe Martin would make a fine Taoiseach, Coogan remains completely blind to the connection between the new Fianna Fail leader and the destruction of our nation.

Coogan asked the politicians on the panel if they would support the bringing in of a retrospective law to punish the people who are responsible.

Fianna Fail TD Barry Andrews (In anger).

The only other time that a retrospective law was used was in Nuremberg when war crimes and genocide were created post the armistice (sic).

Now I think to approximate genocide and the crimes of Nazi’s which is effectively what you’re talking about is…(interrupted)

This has to qualify as the most bizarre, stupid, straw man argument in history.