Mary's despair

Letter in yesterday’s Sunday Independent

Demoralised and insulted by cuts


It’s bad enough that he is on a two-day week. It’s bad enough that his salary has been cut time and time again. It’s bad enough that he is expected to work for nothing if the need arises. (Yes, for nothing.)

It’s bad enough that he is insulted with a cheque for €1 and 10 cent per week from the Department of Social Protection.

It’s all bad, but now the new social charge has cut his paltry salary by €70 per month.

He is not a young, newly qualified employee. He is a proud, mature, loyal and totally demoralised professional man with 35 years’ experience.

Shame on our so-called betters for bringing Ireland to this.

To save my husband’s embarrassment please don’t print my name and address, just call me ‘Mary’.

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