Simon Kelly: Obnoxious, obscene and puke-provokingly sickening

It’s good to see that at least some journalists are beginning to express appropriate rage for what has been done to our country and to identify those responsible.

Carol Hunt, writing in the Sunday Independent, does not mince her words in her assessment of failed property developer Simon Kelly.

Some quotes:

Every single person I’ve spoken to this week begrudges you your big house (an old rectory set in five acres), your five properties you collect rent on in Liverpool, your €80,000 income and the fact that you can send your kids to expensive private schools and make the rest of us pay for it.

Every family that fears losing, or already has lost, their home resents the fact that you got away with your “spousal asset transfers” when you asserted,

“My house is in my wife’s name. There are reports that developers are transferring homes into their wives’ names. Any smart developer would have done that right from the start.”

Ultimately, we resent the fact that you don’t seem to realise that what you’re doing is disgusting, immoral and pathetic. And yet you’re still moaning. You complain that Nama (that’s us, Joe Public), which you’re into for about €200m, isn’t paying you a salary despite you submitting a ‘business plan’ to it. You’re “in limbo”, you say.

You’re not in limbo, Simon, you’re in fucking La La Land and so are the people who let you, and all the others like you, get away with this sort of shit.

And hearing about smug gits like Simon who are allowed to ruin the lives of so many people and yet maintain their own exalted standard of living doesn’t help.

What sort of insane, upside-down banana republic are we living in at all?

A reader from Kerry responded in the letters page:

In her excellent article on developer Simon Kelly Carol Hunt wrote that what he is doing is “disgusting, immoral and pathetic”. I want to add the words “obnoxious, obscene and puke-provokingly sickening.”

And I want to add the words ‘chronically stupid’ to the failed developer’s list of characteristics.

Most of those responsible for destroying our country have wisely kept their heads down particularly in very recent times as ordinary citizens begin to realise the full horror of what has been done to them.

Not scumbag Kelly though, he’s taking every opportunity he can to insult ordinary Irish citizens (his victims) who are being forced to pay for his greed, arrogance and stupidity.

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  1. Just a matter of time really. There will be bloody streets yet and it won’t be a welcome development. But an inevitable one given the failures in bringing to account all those involved in bringing this about, including the entire Cabinet over the full length of Fianna Fáil’s sojourn in that very same La-La land!

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