Catholic Church: We'd love to pay tax but…

Catholic bishops have warned that violence could erupt here if current levels of economic inequality are allowed to fester (Nine News, 09.59).

The bishops strongly criticised those who had lowered the minimum wage and promoted the bonus culture which has let us down badly and has given rise to what can only be described as reckless gambling practices.

The bishops were appealing to voters in a document entitled From Crisis to Hope: Working to Achieve the Common Good.

In it they urged people to vote for a more cohesive and fair society.

Yes, that sounds really impressive – Working to achieve the common good, a fair society.

Predictably, however, the Catholic Church is on the side of politicians, bankers, judges and higher civil servants when it comes to who should actually pay for the ‘common good’.

Bishop John Kirby said he would have no problem with a wealth tax being imposed on the windfall profits that the church has earned from the sale of development land. But he underlined that the church had charitable status

In other words; we would love to make a contribution but we don’t actually pay tax – suckers.

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