Gaddafi rushes to help Fainna Fail?

Michael Martin is tonight strongly denying rumours that Col. Gaddafi has put his civil war on hold and is speeding to Ireland to advise Fianna Fail on how to get itsefl out of a tight corner.

One thought on “Gaddafi rushes to help Fainna Fail?”

  1. Col.Gaddafi, speaking from behind a wall of amazonian
    bodyguards reacted angrily to reports that he had
    ever considered assisting FF
    “Are they mad” he stormed “I used the oil and gas wealth
    of my country for my own personal enrichment but those
    idiots gave irelands away for nothing!”
    Col.Gaddafi also regretted that he had not introduced
    irish style democracy to libya decades ago,
    ruefully noting that if he had, he could have retired
    on several full pensions no matter how corrupt he had
    been while in office.

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