'Ming' Flanagan attacks FF dandelions

I think newly elected TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan is going to add some welcome colour and straight talk in the new Dail.

Here’s what he had to say about Fianna Fail (Nine News, 02.30).

I wouldn’t talk to them at all. The election went very bad for them, it’s a shame it didn’t go a little bit worse.

It’s a bit like going out to your back garden and pulling up a dandelion, there’s always a bit of a root left, it’s a shame the Irish people didn’t dig a little deeper.

One thought on “'Ming' Flanagan attacks FF dandelions”

  1. Well, Ming is one person I am delighted to see elected, along with Shane Ross, Pringle in Donegal and other independents who offer an alternative to the stagnant 2.5 party system.
    I only wish that we had a system that would allow people to vote more easily, and allows you to vote for someone who actually reflects some of your views

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