O'Brien repeats serious allegation against judiciary

On Thursday last I wrote about Denis O’Brien’s extremely serious allegation that the judiciary had put a ring of steel around Justice Moriarty because they knew he was never up to the job.

During an interview with Pat Kenny (Friday) O’Brien initially seemed to withdraw the allegation when Kenny suggested it would be an appalling vista if the entire judiciary were to collude against one man.

O’Brien said:

You’ve got to separate the wider judiciary from Justice Moriarty. I believe I was stitched by Justice Moriarty but I’m not in any way critical of the wider judicial community.

It’s a measure of O’Brien’s lack of mental coordination that, minutes later, he repeated the allegation when Kenny again suggested he take his case to the courts.


Look, do you know a lot about the legal profession, the judiciary and the Law Society. There’s a code amongst them all that they don’t take each other on, they don’t criticise each other.


There’s a ring of steel around Moriarty because they knew, the judiciary knew, that he was never up to the job, he’s a Circuit Court judge.

As I wrote on Thursday, in a real democracy with proper law enforcement O’Brien would by now find himself before a judge explaining his accusations.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has responded to the hysterical rants of O’Brien and Lowry regarding Justice Moriarty and the judiciary in general saying:

Statements which endanger public confidence in our judiciary and in our courts are entirely unacceptable and are to be deplored.

Legal expert Professor Gerry Whyte of Trinity Law School said that if criticism of the judiciary went so far as to undermine public confidence in the administration of justice then we’re talking about an offence called scandalising the court.

If Minister Shatter genuinely thinks the comments are unacceptable then he should immediately initiate proceedings against O’Brien and Lowry.

3 thoughts on “O'Brien repeats serious allegation against judiciary”

  1. This is the precise reason our country is now controlled by the IMF.

    All of these individuals need to be brought to Court and prosecuted if the Polticial System and Public Servants have any hope of bringing decency back to Ireland and restoring our reputation throughout the World.

    The Political families, Bankers, Developers and Rich Elite need to be treated the same way as the ordinary people. I have read countless stories of the Working Class been jailed for not having a TV licence or a dog licence. As George Orwell would say “all Animals are equals but some Animals are more equal then others”.

  2. Mmmmm, it is depressing to see the gullible “general public’, reacting to this obvious stitch up of a non golden circle rich man being set up as a patsy for the irish media/government conspiracy to keep us ‘the public’, in the dark as they give our money to gamblers. The amount of evidence ignored or misrepresented by the media and Moriarty is breathtaking in its cheek and blatant dishonesty. I have read the whole report and it is badly flawed and unbalanced with much opinion, prejudice and little fact or evidence. One has come to expect this kind of expensive rubbish, a con from the legals and theis government pals. Allen Shatter should be ashamed of his pompus self. God help us all because we wont

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