EU is bringing down the shutters; it's now up to ourselves

Let’s be absolutely clear about this, the EU is abandoning Ireland.

We’re not going to be thrown out of the EU club altogether, that would damage the EU project, but we will be treated for what we are – an insignificant backwater state that’s incapable of managing its own affairs.

There are a number of reasons for this.

First, on a global and even on a European scale we do not and never have registered either economically or politically.

Even if Ireland was a real democracy with a thriving economy we still wouldn’t matter simply because we’re too small.

Secondly, the EU has finally realised that Ireland is a cancer which could infect the entire EU project and therefore must be put in strict quarantine for as long as necessary.

The massive suffering that this strategy will cause to ordinary Irish citizens is not a factor in EU thinking, why should it be? The EU has rightly concluded that we are solely responsible for the disaster that has befallen us.

It’s pathetically hilarious to hear politicians and journalists whinging on about how the EU is somehow to blame for our disaster because they failed to stop us in our stupidity.

It’s like a burglar pleading with a judge – Please your honour, I only committed the crime because the police didn’t stop me, it’s their fault.

Thirdly, the EU is itself struggling to recover from the global financial crisis and must act ruthlessly in order to win that battle.

Portugal and in particular Spain have now become the main focus of EU resources because if Spain goes the Euro and perhaps the entire EU project is in serious danger of collapse.

EU officials have finally realised that pumping over €160 billion into Irish banks was an extremely dangerous strategy and are now looking for their money back before pulling down the shutters on Ireland for decades.

To cut their losses the EU are forcing Irish banks to sell off all their assets and the Irish Government to sell off a huge chunk of state assets. This will reduce Ireland to what I call a visible banana republic.

We have, in reality been a corrupt state, a banana republic, since the criminal Haughey came to power in 1979 but we have always managed to hide that fact from the outside world principally because, as I mentioned already, we have no significance whatsoever on the global stage, we are not important.

We only register on a global scale when our entire economy collapses and that’s usually for about thirty seconds. On an EU scale we only register when our corruption/toxicity threatens the EU project.

Our corrupt political system is the sole reason for the destruction of our country. No banker, no developer, no regulator could have destroyed the economy without the active cooperation of our corrupt body politic.

The complete destruction of the economy will, ultimately, lead to the complete failure of the state which will, in turn, lead to civil unrest.

Civil unrest is inevitable because there is not the slightest sign of the political revolution that’s necessary to rescue the situation.

Enda Kenny’s claim that the recent general election was a democratic revolution is just silly talk.

Fianna Fail, the most corrupt political party in the state and the party most responsible for our destruction, only suffered significant electoral damage after it had led the country across the cliff of destruction.

In other words, it took the complete destruction of our country before the politically ignorant Irish finally woke up and realised that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to vote traitors into power for the price of filling in a pot hole.

The current Fine Gael/Labour government is operating very comfortably within the same corrupt political system that has destroyed the country. There will be no major reform, certainly no reform that would threaten the corrupt system.

The treatment of the traitor Lowry provides us with clear evidence that nothing has changed, that the political revolution that’s absolutely critical if our country is to be save is not even being contemplated.

Lowry, a corrupt, lying, tax cheating, thieving traitor is allowed to infect our national parliament with impunity. We’re told that nothing can be done beyond a mild, ineffective censure.


A government/body politic that was aware of the seriousness of the country’s position would move immediately to change the law to ensure that this scumbag was ejected from power.

If legislation wasn’t sufficient then an immediate referendum should be held to ensure this cancerous object was removed from the political sphere forever.

Such action would not just set a standard for other politicians but would also send a message to the people of North Tipperary and to the wider politically ignorant electorate that the election of political scumbags was no longer acceptable.

In 1922 Ireland became an independent nation full of confidence and hope for the future. On the 29th September 2008 the old corrupt republic that Ireland had evolved into came to a pathetic end.

Since 2008 we have been witnessing the slow, inevitable and unstoppable disintegration of that corrupt republic.

The continued existence of a corrupt political system acting, for the most part, in its own interests coupled with the ever increasing impoverishment and disillusionment of the people is creating an extremely dangerous divide in Irish society.

Neither the EU nor the wider world has any responsibility whatsoever in bridging that divide.

Only truly revolutionary and courageous leadership from within Ireland can lead the country out of its present crisis towards a new and genuine republic.

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