Comrade Madam sticks it to Varadkar


Did the following comments emanate from the Propaganda Minister of North Korea or the editor of the Irish Times?

A coalition of two parties in government should speak only with a united voice…The Government must articulate only one policy position, the collective view that Ministers have already agreed and accepted…the role of other Ministers is to reflect and defend government policy…It is not to make policy themselves or to misrepresent the Government view by failing to inform themselves properly.

Today’s Irish Times editorial also sees that organisation boarding the ‘Europe is to blame for all our troubles’ bandwagon.

As the euro zone debt crisis has unfolded, Ireland has lost credibility and sustained major reputational damage at various levels, government, public service, banking and business.

The party line here is clear: The destruction of our country has nothing whatsoever to do with our corrupt political/administrative systems, somebody else is to blame.

Oh well, at least Lehman Brothers are off the hook.